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  Welcome to parenthood. Becoming a parent is an exciting and exhilarating time in your lives and we want to help you understand what your infant is experiencing so these many transitions can be smooth for everyone.  

Stages, Phase's and Millstones should be viewed with the flexibility and understanding that each child is uniquely different, as are their environment and their heritage. All of these factors work together to help us understand the whole child.

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Entertainment - PBS Kids

Your support allows PBS to offer children in your community the most trusted place to explore and discover the big, wonderful world around them: PBS KIDS...more

Toys & Products - Baby Toy Guide

This list of toys has been put together in response to requests from the Baby Toy Guide. While that piece was more general as to type of toys to look for, this...more


Food - Home Baby Food Recipes 4 to 6mo

Many babies start solid foods between 4 months and 6 months so we have included fruits and veggies that your 4 month old beginning eater will be able to tolerate...more


Entertainment - Max's Robot Maker Game

Find Ernie by listening to the clues that Big Bird remembers...more


Development - The Brain Map

The Brain Map was adapted in 2006 by ZERO TO THREE from BrainWonders, a collaborative project (1998-2001) between Boston University School of Medicine....more


Entertainment - TVO Kids

Looking for something to do? Watch a show, print out your favourite activity book or colouring page and have lots of fun!...more


Toys & Products - Gifted Children Toys

Signs of giftedness appear early, as early as infancy. Like all gifted children, gifted babies need stimulation, both sensual and mental....more


Language development

Language development really takes off during this time, especially as your little one approaches the second birthday. Kids this age are better able to comprehend what is said...more

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